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We offer so much more than packaging equipment. It’s easy to find folks who simply sell equipment. Finding someone who will work to completely solve your packaging problem? Well, that’s a whole lot harder to find! At Great Plains Packaging Systems, we believe that the equipment isn’t really much more than the solution delivery system. That’s why we start by building an understanding of the perfect solution. What’s the ideal speed? How much volume is involved? What are the warehousing requirements? Display requirements? Material requirements? How durable does the package need to be? Are there targets for recycled content? That’s where the solution starts. Once you understand the ideal, it’s simply a matter of matching – and adapting – available equipment and processes to make it happen. And that is our specialty.

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When it comes to packaging, nobody knows more about it than GPPS. From materials to machinery, they are the experts.

- Scott T, Satisfied Customer

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